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More2Trading is de perfecte zakenpartner voor ondernemers in de confectie
branche. Wij helpen u graag bij de aan -en verkoop van uw restpartijen
kleding. Wij hebben jarenlange ervaring in dit vak gebied en wij werken met u
graag samen. U kunt contact opnemen via ons antwoordformulier, telefonisch
of via ons e-mailadres en wij maken binnen 24 uren contact met u.


Bouwensstraat 22
2140 Antwerpen
Phone no: +32488 489 861


And the page analysis says: “There are 1 words contained in the body copy. This is far too low and should be increased.” Even though the editors word count stands at 750. I also get this “The keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately.” when it clearly does.This is not a post to criticize! I think its a fantastic plugin. I was just wondering has anybody else had this problem and is there a work around? Yes, I’ve noticed this too. I haven’t dug into the code yet to see if there’s a (simple) workaround, but perhaps this would be a good feature to add in a future version.I found that the plugins counts up to an area with ‘clickable’ images. When I cut that part out, word count is correct again. Putting it back in: same erroneous word count. I am having the same problem, and more than once. The page I’m working on now has over 1,000 words on it, but the plugin says “There are 1 words contained in the body copy. This is far too low and should be increased.” I guess what I really want to know is this – Will SE’s see it the way the plugin does? Or will they be able to recognize that there is text on the page? If it’s just the plugin, then that’s no big deal, but if it’s something wrong with the html or something else, I would like to know so I can fix it.

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Bouwensstraat 22 2140 Antwerpen